Top 5 Movies Based On TV Shows

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Top 5 Movies Based on TV Shows

The inspiration for a movie can come from a number of different places. These days, the majority of movies are inspired by comic books, that then inspire TV shows, that then inspire more movies and so on and so on but there have been plenty of movies that were inspired by TV Shows. For our recent Addams Family Values review, we decided to reduce this down to our Top 5 movies based on TV shows.

Brett’s Top 5 TV Show Movies

5. The Flintstones

When we say the Flintstones, we definitely don’t mean “Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas” because that definitely doesn’t make the list. Of course with Brett’s list there has the be some nostalgia involved and it doesn’t hurt that it also includes one of Brett’s favourite actresses, Elizabeth Taylor. The Flintstones Movie holds true to the original TV series with its humour and stellar cast while also being a great live action adaptation. 

4. The Simpsons Movie

Another entry on Brett’s list that is heavy on nostalgia. Overall, the film wasn’t well received by critics or fans, but Brett still enjoyed it. It had a decent storyline that was very ‘Simpsons’ and had some great voice performances, as well as some noteworthy guests and cameos worthy of a good TV show adaptation.

3. Addams Family

Brett promises that all not all of his Top 5 is purely based on nostalgia, but Addams Family had to make the list. Early on in Two Drink Cinema our Addams Family review brought back some great memories from watching the VHS over and over again. It has a great cast that gives stellar performances, particularly from a young Christina Ricci. It’s quirky in a way that only the Addams Family can be and not only did it have great success but also inspired two sequels Addams Family Values and the much less successful, Addams Family Reunion.

2. The Fugitive

Surely when a movie based on a TV show wins an Oscar, it has to be included on a Top 5 list? Well it has for Brett, it is a great movie with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones giving memorable performances. Even if Brett thinks that Jones shouldn’t have won an Oscar for his performance, he did and so it will forever be a part of Hollywood history.

1. Mission Impossible

When it comes to movies based on TV shows that have also had sequels, you can’t go past Mission Impossible. A great adaptation of the iconic TV show that has spawned so many sequels that won’t even bother to say how many, because it’ll probably have another sequel when you read this. It is a great example of an action/suspense movie and you can’t go past the iconic theme music. I’m sure if we ever do a list of Tom Cruise’s Top 5 movies, this will make that list as well.

Lee’s Top 5 TV Show Movies

5. Bean

So it wasn’t just Brett that included some nostalgic picks in his Top 5, but Lee has come through with some nostalgia as well. For us, Mr Bean is very nostalgic and we definitely had the VHS tapes on repeat. Somehow, the TV show is iconic and only had 15 episodes. The movie continued Mr Bean’s legacy of quirky slapstick comedy and Rowan Atkinson continues to give a great performance, without speaking of course. There’s plenty of hilarious trouble that on Mr Bean could find himself in and is a great entertaining watch. 

4. Beverly Hillbillies

This one was tough as we were meant to review this movie earlier this year, but couldn’t find anywhere to stream it. A hilarious TV show inspires a funny movie and brings back plenty of nostalgia for us.

A great modern twist on the iconic 1960s TV show of the same name delivers some great laughs for a great cast that includes Jim Varney, Cloris Leachman, Lily Tomlin and even a cameo from Dolly Parton. I’m sure that we’ll do a review episode on the Beverly Hillbillies if it ever becomes available on a streaming service here in Australia.

3. Addams Family

The Addams Family is one of two that appear on both Lee and Brett’s Top 5. What more can we say about this great adaptation? How about more on the great performances of Anjelica Huston and Christina Ricci? Addams Family could easily be used as an example of perfect casting.

2. Downton Abbey

And now for something completely different, Lee’s number two is the Downton Abbey movie. The most recent movie on our list and the one that doesn’t quite fit with the rest of our choices.  Lee thinks it is a great continuation of the TV show that wraps up some of the storylines that fans will love. Of course, the cast is amazing and the performances also continue the legacy of the TV show.

1. Mission Impossible

Another one that Lee and Brett both agree on! An amazing action movie with iconic performances, scenes and let’s mention the music again. 

Honourable Mentions

  • Coneheads, Wayne’s World and Blues Brothers – Not just inspired by a TV show, but from a sketch within a TV show
  • Star Trek – There were just too many iterations of Star Trek movies to mention just one
  • Muppet Movies – So many movies, so many themes and some great guest stars 
  • Scooby Doo – the movie is now a cult classic thanks to those pesky kids

What have we missed on our list of TV show movies? Check out our full chat on the podcast and comment below to tell us your number one movie that was based on a TV Show. 



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